For my International clients residing outside of the Netherlands I offer individual coaching via skype.

About me

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by human behavior. When I was very young, it disturbed me that people seemingly unpredictavely change faces and moods all the time. That's how I developed my sensitivity and ability to read people. It made me an effective manager and for years I was successful in the corporate world. But also it drove me away from that world for a while. Today, as a university teacher, teamcoach, organization coach and trainer, my approach is always connection based. When I guide people, my main "activity" is offering my full presence to whatever is going on in the moment. Although I intervene intuitively, the modalities I use are evidence-based practices. I have an MBA degree and certificates in the field of NLP, TA, IFS, Completion Process, and both individual as teamcoaching. I also practice parts-work and constellation work when my clients are grounded enough. I guide workshops and retreats. I also apply shamanic modalities when I am asked to do so and when I feel it is appropriate.

Contact me

You can contact me by phone or e-mail.

Phone:            +31 6 18846846

Email:            deniz@ambercoaching.nl

Skype:            deniz.a.seyhan

Paypal:          deniz@ambercoaching.nl

I offer individual coaching & guidance and business coaching.

For my international clients who resident in the Netherlands I offer business management workshops in English spoken language. See 'programs' section in the menu.