Spoken language                        : English

Language course material    : English & Dutch version available

Flexiblity and maneuverability are competencies that are crucial for companies. But people love stability more than they seem to admit. Change causes resistance. Sometimes it is obvious and visible, sometimes it is hidden and to your frustration, it comes to the surface during or long after implementationphase of your project.


- Historical overview of the evolution of change management

- Succesfactors of changemanagement according to several evidence based researches

- Social Psychology and organizational behaviour

- The importance of an organizational diagnoses and practial tools

- Resistance to Change

- Change management strategies

- Change management interventions

- Leadership and change: management styles and when to apply

At the end of this master level training you will be able to:

  • Formulate a change management goal for your organization
  • Diagnose the current situation in your organization
  • Develop a change management strategy for your organization
  • Apply tools to manage your people succesfully